In Damascus

A friend of mine posted this video over a week ago. I keep coming back and watching it over and over again.



For one thing, I fell in love with Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry in my Modern Arabic Literature class I took… two years ago (has it really been that long?). For another thing, I’ve wanted to visit Damascus for years. I began studying Arabic in the summer of 2011, right around the time the protests against the Assad government began turning into the terrible civil war that continues today. So unfortunately the gates of Damascus have been closed to me for now.  I hope some day though peace will return to Syria and I will have a chance to visit this ancient city. بإذن الله


One thought on “In Damascus

  1. Tom says:

    Yep…….I don’t really understand poetry, especially in another tongue.
    However, what a serene video – Damascus – the City of Jasmine!!

    As always, wonderful to hear from you Daniel. In a strange twist I have heard from both you and Tyler on the same evening….the stars must have aligned.

    I’m trusting you are well and doing great/important things. Val & I miss seeing you and pray for you often. Please keep in touch as you can and enjoy the things you are doing.


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