Well I meant to put this up just after the new year, but life has a way of happening, huh? At any rate, there was lots of talk as 2016 came to an end about what a terrible year it was. Which I suppose I can understand. Tons of beloved celebrities died. It was a particularly awful election year. Wars and tensions and conflicts around the world and at home dragged on and escalated. There was plenty to be pessimistic about.

If I’m completely honest with myself, 2016 probably wasn’t my personal best year either. I had some real low moments this last year. I feel like most of the major things I set out to accomplish in 2016 didn’t go the way I’d hoped or planned. I struggled with some challenges I never anticipated or expected. But I honestly don’t think I can call 2016 a bad year. When I think back on everything that happened in 2016 I find a lot of good things that I’m really thankful for. I think of time spent with family and good friends. I think of new places I saw and new experiences I encountered. I had so many chances in 2016 to really live life. And yeah, sometimes it was messy and frustrating and tedious. But at other times it was also fun and fulfilling and profound and joyful.

Near the beginning of the year I started keeping a sort of video journal as a new way of documenting things, and I thought I’d share some of my year’s highlights. Obviously, there are plenty of moments not included in this little video. Also, I don’t know anything about filming or film editing (I’m sure that will probably be pretty obvious from the quality and length of this video), and I certainly didn’t use any special filming equipment for this. Also also, I figured it would ultimately be less embarrassing for me and more enjoyable for everyone else if I took out my commentary in each clip and played music over the whole thing. Anyway, it’s cool for me to be able to look back and remember many of the good moments and people that made 2016 pretty great, all things considered.

(This thing is about 14 minutes long. Don’t feel obligated to watch the whole thing.)





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